About CMC

Our Goals

CMC’s target goals for 2030, with a 2019 baseline:

  • Reduce our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions intensity by 20%
  • Increase our renewable energy usage by 12 percentage points
  • Reduce our energy consumption intensity by 5%
  • Reduce our water withdrawal intensity by 8%

As we seek to increase our use of renewable energy, CMC is also targeting a commensurate reduction in our use of non-renewable power over the same period.

CMC goals target

We are committed to continuing our trajectory of improvement and doing our part to further lower GHG emissions, and have set goals and plans to further reduce our energy consumption, GHG emissions and water withdrawal by 2030.

With the adoption of the landmark, legally-binding Paris Climate Agreement, participating countries must meet the goal to limit global warming to below 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. CMC has an already low carbon footprint, having achieved in 2022 Scope 1 & Scope 2 emissions already lower than the 2040 target set by the agreement. Our targeted reductions will keep us on track to remain one of the most energy-efficient and green steel manufacturers in the world.

To learn more about the Paris Climate Agreement, visit the UNFCCC webpage.

Our Sustainability Goals

Targets for 2030, with a 2019 baseline.