About CMC


Moses Feldman establishes his first scrap operation in Dallas.

Who We Are

Since 1915, CMC has built a legacy as a global leader in sustainable recycling, manufacturing and fabrication of steel and construction products. With headquarters in Irving, Texas, the workforce of CMC includes 12,483 employees working in over 212 facilities located across the United States (U.S.), the United Kingdom (U.K.), Asia and Central Europe.

CMC is a publicly traded company (NYSE: CMC) and is widely recognized for our commitment to professionalism, innovation and customer service. Our goal is to be the first-choice supplier in all our markets.

We play an integral role in infrastructure development, which has been further reinforced with our 2022 acquisition of Tensar. The products we create provide the backbone of buildings, highways, bridges and other structures all over the world. The markets we serve include infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, the energy industry, manufacturing and agriculture.

A Mission Continued

Sustainable practices are embedded in our business model and remain central to our company mission. We started as a recycling business—using resources efficiently is in our DNA. CMC’s reputation for innovation stretches back through our past and forms the foundation of our future.

Over the last 100 years, we’ve prioritized investing in new technologies and processes that improve quality while enhancing resource efficiency and utilization. Our vertically integrated business model revolutionized steel industry operations. We collect scrap metal from our local recycling centers to transport to our steel mini and micro mills, where it’s melted, cast and rolled into steel shapes and later fabricated into finished products for the building, manufacturing and infrastructure markets we serve.

Our demonstrated commitment to resource efficiency is second to none. All of our steel-producing facilities use energy-saving electric arc furnace (EAF) technology, a technology whose use we pioneered and that significantly reduces the energy required to produce steel when compared to the traditional integrated steelmaking technology utilized by the majority of global steel makers today. EAF technology supports the electrification of steelmaking, thereby opening opportunities for greater use of renewable energies in our processes. Our differentiated business model and focus on technological efficiencies enable us to reduce our costs and risks, which in turn allows us to develop and produce the sustainable products that our society needs to build and thrive.

Our 2022 net sales totaled

$8.9 billion

and we shipped

6.1 million

short tons of steel externally.

Strong Positions in All Major Products (2022)














Wire Mesh




Wire Rod


Metric UNIT 2022 2021 2020
Total metal recycled MT 8,676,630 8,662,342 8,132,461
Total raw steel production MT 5,756,503 5,661,952 5,496,317
global footprint

Our Global Footprint

Our products are found in structures located all over the world. In order to serve this global market, CMC maintains facilities across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

CMC currently operates 212 facilities across our operations and divisions.


CMC & Tensar: Two of a Kind

In 2022, CMC acquired Tensar Corporation, a leading global provider of innovative subgrade soil stabilization and earth reinforcement solutions for road, rail, infrastructure and commercial construction.


Since its inception in 1978, Tensar has built a strong culture of customer focus, innovation and social responsibility, including a steadfast commitment to safety and employee development. Our newest division’s strengths, visions and missions align closely with those of CMC and bolster our commitment to and capacity for improving outcomes for our customers, workforce, communities and the planet.

The Tensar Division expands CMC’s workforce by approximately 650 employees located in 19 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The synergies moving forward will continue to build a better future by empowering customers to use natural resources sustainably and addressing climate change with urgency.

Tensar is best known for its two major product lines: Tensar geogrids and Geopier foundation systems.

Our new Tensar Division’s geogrids help decarbonize infrastructure construction projects by reducing the time, energy and materials needed during construction and over the lifecycle of stabilized landforms.

Benefits from less aggregate material in roadway, rail, retaining wall and slope construction include:

  • Up to 40% less aggregate consumed
  • Up to 30% reduction in associated carbon emissions on projects
  • Up to 65% reduction in overall excavated material requirements
  • Up to 30% reduction in water usage associated with aggregate compaction
  • Reduction in vehicle movements reducing potential health and safety risks

We also quantify the benefits of our geogrids and Geopier elements with our Carbon Footprint Calculator, which we developed to demonstrate the environmental effectiveness of our products and systems. This proprietary tool, which can be accessed in the award winning, cloud based Tensar+ software program (tensarplus.com) and whose effectiveness has been third-party verified, estimates the potential carbon and water savings from using our products and systems compared to traditional methods of construction.

Tensar recently published its first ESG Report, and a few of its 2021 ESG Highlights include:

  • Developed Tensar and Geopier Carbon Footprint Calculator
  • Received ISO 14025-certified Environmental Product Declarations for U.K. geogrid line
  • Implemented ISO 14001-certified Environmental Management Systems at U.K. and China manufacturing facilities
  • Secured 100% renewable electricity for U.K. plant
  • Winner of the Disability, Inclusion & Inclusive Recruitment Award at the Northwest U.K. Employee Engagement Awards
  • Hosted an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Conference for Eastern hemisphere operations
  • Implemented ISO 45001:2018-certified Health & Safety Management Systems for China operations
  • Completion of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for various geogrids products manufactured at Morrow, Georgia facility.

Learn more about our newest division on the Tensar website.

We Are One CMC

To create superior products, you need phenomenal employees who enjoy their work, feel safe and respected and take pride in their contributions to the goals of the company. That’s why we take such care of our employees throughout their tenures at our company, from recruitment to onboarding and career development.

The same spirit of investment and continuous improvement that fuels our operations also motivates our workforce. Our employees embody the very best in innovation, drive and ability. As an organization, we work to create an environment that fosters creativity and empowers employees to make a difference. We maintain open lines of communication—via surveys, interviews and direct engagement—to improve employee experience and create the most supportive and productive environment possible.

Above all, CMC is a company that values lasting relationships, both externally and internally. Caring for others—customers and staff alike—is our responsibility. Genuine engagement leads to higher quality, productivity, profitability and safety performance.

Speaking of safety, we work tirelessly to monitor and improve procedures throughout our operations. We don’t just meet safety standards to maintain compliance. We view safety as a core value because it protects our most important asset—our employees—while simultaneously increasing quality and productivity.