Our Governance Structure

Corporate Governance

We have secured our position as a leader in using recycled metals as a basis for steel production by aligning good business strategy with good practices. We strive to promote a culture of open communication, transparency and accountability in our everyday interactions with each other and our stakeholders.

We demand our employees at every level act ethically and with integrity. Our leadership sets the tone and example of what we expect of ourselves. As the highest governing body at CMC, our Board of Directors is responsible for appointing senior management and acting as an advisory body to ensure we serve our stockholders’ long-term interests.

The Board and its committees also monitor, assess and address risks and opportunities for our business, including those related to ESG issues. In 2022, the Board completed eight meetings, with ESG-specific risks and issues discussed as part of the meetings’ standing agendas. In addition, the Vice President of Sustainability and Government Affairs reports and receives guidance on ESG metrics from the Board as part of year-end reporting.

The Board’s four standing committees include:

Audit Committee: Oversees financial reporting integrity, business interruption and cybersecurity compliance risks

Finance Committee: Oversees capital allocation, liquidity, strategic business and capital plan risks

Compensation Committee: Oversees compensation design, attracting and retaining key employees and other human capital risks

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee: Oversees corporate governance, including director succession planning risks, and regularly reviews and monitors ESG matters

CMC’s governance documents outline the responsibilities and requirements of the company and its employees. Read more about our Board and governing documents on our Investor Relations webpage.