Safety Management System

CMC’s Safety Management System includes our policies, incident management process, data dashboards and safety action plans. With input from stakeholders across the company, we have developed standard operating procedures for every operational role at CMC and apply these procedures to our employees from the moment they arrive. Our approach provides the basis for ensuring that new employees are trained in a manner that is consistent with job-specific best practices and in the safest way to execute their responsibilities. In addition, we assign new employees to mentors who monitor them until they are fully trained. All new employees also wear reflective stickers on their hard hats to indicate to coworkers that they may need additional safety guidance.

We periodically issue employee safety perception surveys to identify discrepancies between the perspectives of management and those of our workers. CMC also engages with industry associations to advance our knowledge and share expertise.

In 2022, we launched a new initiative to identify potential serious injury and fatality events across all divisions. The identified events are shared across the company to allow all locations to learn from an event that has the potential to have a more serious outcome and make corrections before an actual event occurs. These data help CMC preemptively determine areas within our businesses that pose the greatest potential for the most severe injuries. We can then identify and review the controlling policy associated with that event to make improvements.

In addition to our company-wide requirements, each facility develops site-specific safety initiatives. Each of our facilities has an area safety coordinator or manager whose team conducts daily safety meetings for the crew. The safety manager is responsible for upholding company and divisional standards, implementing health and safety initiatives and elevating any serious risks to the divisional vice presidents who work with the safety team to address these issues.

To foster continuous improvement and greater transparency on safety performance across our organization, each division uses a balanced scorecard for safety categories and selects two areas where they need to show improvement. We provide health and safety updates with key metrics to the ELT weekly and monthly, and to the Board quarterly.

In addition to the daily work of our on-site health and safety teams, we require every facility to have a monthly safety inspection led by an area safety coordinator or manager, or divisional safety manager, using our Safety Action Form. These important safety reviews by senior health and safety personnel help to identify both physical condition hazards and behaviors that require correction, mitigation or training. The Safety Action Form provides a means of documenting any corrective plan and allows for follow-up. Managers must review Safety Action Forms prior to closing them. In this way, we ensure that everyone is accountable for health and safety at CMC, while also facilitating learning and best practices across our facilities.

Our Award-Winning Facilities

CMC is proud of our culture of safety first – and that culture has not gone unnoticed.

Thirty-two of our rebar facilities, four CRP facilities and two placing facilities received the Excellence in Safety award from the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI), recognizing them for working recordable injury-free in the 2021 calendar year. In addition, eight of our rebar shops received the CRSI Safety Achievement award.

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