Safety Management V2

Safety Management System

CMC has established a Safety Management System comprising policies, incident management, data dashboards and safety action plans. With direct input from employees and stakeholders across the company, we’ve developed standard operating procedures for every operational role at CMC, and these procedures apply to all team members from the moment they arrive.

As part of our system, we periodically conduct employee safety perception surveys to identify any discrepancies between worker-manager perspectives. We assign mentors to new employees until they’re fully trained. All new team members also wear reflective stickers on their hard hats so coworkers know who may need additional safety guidance.

In 2022, we launched an initiative to identify serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) and potential SIFs across divisions. CMC locations share information about events and take preventative steps as needed. Each facility also develops site-specific safety initiatives. In 2023, we have seen an increase in potential SIFs being reported which means more preventative measures are being taken to keep everyone safe.

Continuing the theme of knowledge sharing, CMC has Operational Excellence teams, which meet virtually each month and in person once a year to discuss operational challenges, safety and to share best practices. These teams are deployed in several departments at each facility – including melt shops, rolling mills and maintenance, among others – and provide facility-specific insights to advance safety. The rolling mills, for example, have identified areas for safety improvements that include controlling access below cooling beds with defined walkways and adding “hot zone” areas that restrict employee access.

Expanding Our Culture of Safety

Our 2022 acquisition of Tensar Corporation created new opportunities to expand our health and safety training and to continually improve safety in our facilities and when visiting construction sites.

We recognize that construction sites have different safety requirements. These sites can vary compared to a manufacturing facility, which often means less control. Changing activities, ground conditions and weather create a constantly evolving risk management landscape. We’ve stressed the importance of evaluating each site during every visit and have received positive feedback for our ongoing focus on employee safety. At Tensar in the U.K. and European operations we began a program that ensures everyone is trained and has the right equipment before they set foot on-site.

As we develop our health and safety capabilities, we will continue to seek opportunities to improve safety in the many environments in which we operate.