safety training round

Safety Innovation

CMC’s innovative contributions to our industry extend to employee safety via virtual training and automation.

We’ve implemented virtual training for operating overhead cranes at many of our mill facilities. Virtual scenarios and virtual reality headsets, combined with real physical controls, mimic the actual functionality of our overhead cab-operated cranes. New employees can train on our equipment in a safe environment with a seasoned crane operator on hand for guidance. We’re looking to apply virtual training technology to other critical tasks in the future.

Meanwhile, through automation, we’re creating a safer workplace where employees are more efficient and engaged in their work. Automation not only improves productivity, but it also reduces the risk of injury in highly repetitive, physically demanding or higher risk operations. We have robots installed in many of our mills and fabrication facilities, and we plan to further invest in additional automation solutions going forward.

Robotics in CMC’s mills and fabrication facilities enhance worker safety and improve productivity.

Honored for Excellence

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute recognized our facilities with multiple safety awards for our activities in calendar year 2022.

The Safety Achievement awards went to eight of our rebar, rebar placing and construction services facilities for having an incident rate and DART rate less than 50% of the industry average. The Excellence in Safety Award went to 35 of our facilities for zero recordable incidents during 2022.