tm employee development round

Building Competencies

Once we’ve recruited promising talent, we continue to invest in them. We provide additional training, resources and support to develop our team and build leaders internally.

This starts with Core, our rotational training program that exposes entry-level new hires in commercial and operational positions to different lines of business. Participating employees gain technical experience along with a better sense of their aptitude for each area.

In 2023, we broadened and strengthened the Core program to focus on new or recent college graduates looking for professional careers as potential future leaders in the company. Last year we were able to offer the program to over 25 employees and we look forward to growing this number in the years ahead.

We also offer training in leadership, teambuilding and job-specific safety, and we support the cost of furthering an employee’s education relevant to our business. These investments help to improve retention and performance while giving employees knowledge that will enable them to advance within the company.

Other initiatives to build competencies include apprenticeships for technically specific roles, like electrician or maintenance, as well as our digital self-paced mini modules. Through these bitesized learning modules, team members can explore specific topics, such as managing a team in a remote work environment and time management. Employees have embraced the modules and provided positive feedback to date.

To help them gauge their professional progress, 100% of eligible team members receive performance reviews.

Learning the Ropes

In March 2022, CMC graduated the first class of employees in our Modern Steelmaker Program at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona.

In March 2022, CMC graduated the first class of employees in our Modern Steelmaker Program at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona. The program provides individuals with paid opportunities to learn the steelmaking process in preparation for a role at one of CMC’s mills. In 2023, we expanded the 12-month rotational program to other CMC mills across the U.S.

The Modern Steelmaker Program combines leadership and development training with community college courses to build a person’s technical and soft skills that are vital to our industry. After four months of classroom instruction, participants begin an eight-month, hands-on apprenticeship. They spend just over two months in each part of the mill’s operation to apply the skills they learned in the classroom.

This program has improved employee retention and has drawn considerable interest from people outside CMC seeking to work in a mill.