Advancing Diversity & Inclusion V2

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our goal is to promote leaders from within. To that end, our Management Development Program enables high-potential candidates to expand their skills and gain experience with different lines of business within CMC. Participants work alongside senior managers and receive 360-degree feedback, individual coaching and more. In 2023, 24 employees participated in the program.

In addition, our Essentials of Management program consists of 10 customizable learning modules that we require for all people leaders. In 2023, we revamped this program to be more concise and centralized. We also included more content on caring for employees’ wellbeing, employee engagement and managing teams with mutual respect.

Planning for succession

To address persistent challenges linked to employee retention and career advancement, CMC launched a formal succession planning initiative in 2023. This not only better prepares us for the future, but also provides us with a point of distinction within our industry.

We’re just starting to put robust individual development plans in place for team members across the company. In the U.S., we leverage succession management modules, employee ratings and discussions about employees’ potential, much like an annual performance evaluation. As we continue to formalize our approach, we’re creating wholly new processes. In Poland, we’ve prepared a special program based on the U.S. system. We selected about 50 positions for which we assessed our people and identified successors.

Working with local managers, we developed individual progression programs for each successor.

CMC expanded leadership training in 2023 to include learning modules focused on employee wellbeing.