2022 CMC Sustainability Report

“We have a long history as one of the
most sustainable manufacturers in the world.
(and we're getting better every day).”

Barbara Smith

Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer






diversity in our workplace (female & non-white)



water recycling and reuse rate



facilities with a zero incident rate


19 billion pounds

kept from landfills annually

Energy Consumption


decrease in energy consumption intensity since 2019



increase in our community charitable giving since 2019

Renewable Resources


increase in electricity from renewable sources since 2019

Customer Satisfaction


global customer satisfaction score

A Letter from Barbara Smith

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As we prepared this year’s ESG report, one word kept coming to mind: Impact. What impact does CMC have on the world around us? What impact should we have—and how are we helping to shape the future?

I am proud that CMC’s impact on the world is a positive one, and it begins with our products. CMC’s steel and construction solutions are vital components in countless structures and applications in cities and towns across the globe where strength and durability are paramount. They mostly go unseen, but form the backbone of the world’s infrastructure and economy.

With world-class ingenuity and the drive to build lasting relationships, we’re focused on maximizing our impact for our customers by solving their toughest challenges in new ways.

At the same time, we’re also focused on our impact on the planet—a growing point of attention for our customers, employees, and stakeholders. For over a century, we’ve built our business model on utilizing and repurposing scrap material that others may have considered waste. We take great pride in our status as a pioneer of green technologies and processes and our minimal impact on the environment. Through continuous innovation and ongoing investments, our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are now among the lowest of anyone in our industry. And we’re already below the Paris Climate Agreement 1.5°C Scenario Benchmarks for our industry for 2040.

CMC took big strides this past year in meeting our 2030 climate goals. We are the first North American steel manufacturer to install ‘Q-One’ technology, which allows us to power our new Arizona 2 micro mill directly from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. Our mills represent our biggest consumers of energy, and this new technology has the ability to reduce our electricity line losses by up to 10%.

We also announced the construction of our fourth micro mill, which will be in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Our micro mills produce products in a continuous process, yielding the industry’s lowest GHG emission levels of any steelmaking facility.

Impact Starts at Home

Our successes are made possible thanks to the talents of the 12,000+ employees comprising CMC’s family around the globe. Our numbers now include 650 new, dedicated employees that we are excited to welcome following our 2022 acquisition of Tensar Corporation.

Our two companies share a rich history of innovation characterized by maximizing resource efficiency, lowering carbon emissions both from our operations and embodied in our product, and having a steadfast commitment to supporting the needs of our employees. As we move forward together as a single company, ensuring the safety, wellbeing, and satisfaction of our people remains our greatest priority and responsibility. To that end, we continued our focus on a proactive safety culture versus a reactive one – a culture that identifies and mitigates safety risks before they cause an injury. In 2022, 98 of our facilities had no OSHA recordable injuries, and we will continue pursuing solutions that move us towards our goal of zero incidents at every facility.

Across all of our facilities, we’re striving to build an inclusive culture where employees feel valued and enjoy opportunities for growth. To improve work-life balance, we’re applying lessons from the pandemic and offering more schedule flexibility and support services. We continue to evaluate our compensation and benefits packages to stay competitive in our industry. And we’re empowering employees to make their own impact locally by helping them support the causes and organizations they care about.

Looking Ahead

We’ve set a high bar for ourselves, but that’s nothing new. Continuous improvement has been part of our DNA since our founding in 1915. Moving forward, we will build on the results and initiatives detailed in this report to meet our own ambitious goals as well as the ever-growing expectations for sustainable solutions globally.

Together, as one CMC, we will amplify the positive impacts our products, processes and people have on our world for generations to come.

Thank you for taking the time to review this report.

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Barbara R. Smith
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer






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CMC goals target

Our Goals

We are committed to continuing our trajectory of improvement and doing our relative part to further lower GHG emissions. We have evaluated our current position, developed a plan and established goals to further reduce our energy consumption, GHG emissions and water withdrawal by 2030. With an already low carbon footprint, and emissions that are currently well below the iron and steel sector targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement below 2° C scenario, our targeted reductions will keep us on track to remain one of the most energy-efficient and green steel manufacturers in the world.

Our Sustainability Goals

Targets for 2030, with a 2019 baseline.

About this report

This sustainability report provides information on the most relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics for our business, our sustainability strategy, how we identify and assess emerging sustainability issues and the progress we are making on our priority sustainability topics.

Report Scope
This annual report covers key activities and performance metrics from our fiscal year of 2022 from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. Unless otherwise noted, all data and information represents our global recycling, mill and downstream facilities. When evaluating CMC’s operational footprint, our EAF steel mills represent more than 95% of our GHG emissions and energy and water usage, therefore we use our mill data as the boundary for our environmental metrics. Our report covers the sustainability topics most important to our stakeholders, as described in Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality; has been prepared in accordance

with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2021 Standards; and references the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Iron & Steel Producers Standard and recommendations from the Taskforce on Climate- Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We provide GRI, SASB and TCFD Content Indices in our investor hub section to help stakeholders find information relevant to their needs.

To learn more about Sustainability at CMC, explore this site or download our report located in the PDF Downloads. For questions regarding CMC’s sustainability initiatives, or any of the content that we include in this report, please contact our Manager of Public and Investor Relations at ir@cmc.com.