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Partnerships & Political Engagement

We stay engaged with our industry by participating in over 40 associations and committees focused on health, safety and environmental stewardship, among other topics. Working with other organizations allows us to strengthen our partner network, benchmark our performance, advance our operational knowledge and adapt swiftly to sustainability changes and market trends.

In 2023, CMC took industry engagement to another level by becoming a founding member of the Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC).

Through the newly formed GSCC, we support the release of the Steel Climate Standard, which aims to measure and report steel carbon emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. This industry partnership represents a major step forward for the steel industry and lays the foundation for future efforts to combat the effects of climate change.

For more information on the Global Steel Climate Council, please visit Launching a New Era in Clean Steel with the GSCC.

Our forward-thinking Sustainability Leadership Council is dedicated to mitigating the potential impacts of climate change for the betterment of our company and communities.

Political advocacy

Our collaborations extend to the advocacy arena as well. We continue to support and help shape policies that hold our industry to fair, consistent and sustainable standards. Much of this work comes through our role in trade associations such as:

  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • European Steel Association
  • Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
  • Metal Service Center Institute
  • Steel Manufacturers Association

Together, we share vital insights with government agencies and policymakers based on best practices from the recycling, steelmaking and fabrication perspectives. CMC also contributes to industry standards and works with competitors on mutual sustainability issues.

Meanwhile, through our Employee Political Action Committee, CMC employees can make political contributions that support efforts aligned with their views. Our strategy is clear: we aim to shape sustainability and trade issue policy by lobbying to keep sustainable steel more competitive. We want to make sure the playing field remains level for U.S. steel producers competing with international producers exporting their steel to the U.S.

Our Political Contributions Policy sets the guidelines and parameters for our advocacy efforts.

Metric Unit 2023 2022 2021
Lobbying expenditures $ $327,000 $299,494 $305,264
Trade association expenditures $ $2,088,863 $1,878,658 $1,974,994

Launching a New Era in Clean Steel with the GSCC

When it comes to sustainability and steel, not all products or methods are measured the same way. That’s why CMC prioritized the formation of the Global Steel Climate Council in 2023.

CMC signed on as one of six founding members of the GSCC, which includes more than 40 international producing members and supporters who are steel manufacturers, trade associations, end users, scrap metal suppliers and nongovernmental organizations.

Through the new Council, we are pursuing a single, technology-agnostic Steel Climate Standard to measure, report and ultimately reduce carbon emissions in steel production, regardless of the process used. Our goal is to incentivize true decarbonization of the steel sector. The transparent reporting system will allow customers and other stakeholders to accurately compare carbon emissions intensity across products and producers and make informed purchasing decisions.

As a global leader in low-emission steel, CMC sees steel as an essential component of a sustainable future.