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A Culture of Support and Engagement

At CMC, our culture is our competitive advantage. Our employees enjoy a supportive environment in which they are valued, treated with dignity and respect and encouraged to pursue personal and professional growth.

We continually review the market to make sure we understand and deliver what employees want—from training and advancement opportunities to compensation and benefits packages that promote health and wealth.

Moreover, through surveys and performance evaluations—which 100% of employees receive—we actively seek out employee feedback to gauge their satisfaction within their positions, ensure we’re meeting their evolving needs for work-life balance and engage them in our company’s progress. Through our Project 365, for example, managers and leadership meet with new employees regularly during their first year to monitor their progress and morale.

We also conduct periodic surveys with our U.S. employees to help us understand, from their perspective, what makes CMC stand out from other employers. These surveys generate invaluable and actionable information about how employees perceive our onboarding, training, development and culture. We plan to develop additional surveys to better evaluate our performance based on the information gathered from previous surveys.

CMC as a top employer

CMC has frequently been recognized as a top employer.

In 2022:

  • CMC Poland was named as one of Forbes’ 300 Best Employers in Poland for 2022
  • Dallas Morning News voted CMC as one of the Top 100 Places to Work for the second year in a row

Focused on Flexibility

COVID-19 forced CMC to rethink work-life balance and explore new levels of flexibility to accommodate employees’ schedules and preferences.

Now, CMC office employees may opt to work up to half of their time at home and the other half at the office (with a relaxed dress code). We’ve also established shift differentials for operations employees to incentivize non-day shifts.

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