tm employee engagement round

A Culture of Support and Engagement

Culture is a competitive advantage for CMC. Our team members enjoy a supportive environment in which they are valued, treated with dignity and respect and encouraged to grow personally and professionally.

We perpetually review the market to make sure we understand and deliver what our team members want—from training and advancement opportunities to compensation and benefits packages that promote health and wealth.

Through surveys and performance evaluations, we actively seek employee feedback now more than ever. We use these feedback channels to gauge their satisfaction with their positions, ensure we’re meeting their evolving needs for work-life balance and engage them in our company’s progress. Through our Project 365, for example, managers and leadership meet with new team members regularly during their first year to monitor their progress and morale.

For our U.S. employees, periodic surveys and interviews help us understand what makes CMC stand out from other employers in areas such as onboarding, training, development and culture. In 2023, we completed a company-wide engagement survey. We plan to develop additional surveys in the future to continue to evaluate our performance.

We’re also taking steps to adapt to the changing talent landscape and remain flexible for employees’ needs. COVID-19 prompted us to reimagine work-life balance and explore new levels of flexibility that accommodate employees’ schedules, preferences and overall wellbeing. Team members may now opt to split their work time between home and the office, with a relaxed dress code for the latter. We also offer shift differential pay to further compensate operational employees who take non-day shifts.

Celebrating our team members

We’re always looking for ways to bring our people together throughout the year.

We continually focus on creating opportunities to celebrate and engage our team members as well as to show them that we value them and appreciate their hard work.

Our employee celebrations include family days, company banquets and Top Hands recognitions that celebrate service anniversaries and employee performance. Different locations also host individual celebrations and events, such as winter holiday parties at our mills or service days that see us giving back to our local communities.

Triple Recognition for CMC as a Top Employer

During 2023, CMC was recognized multiple times as a top employer.

In Europe, CMC Poland was named one of Forbes’ Best Employers in Poland for 2023. We ranked ninth in the category of the Production and Processing of raw materials, building materials, metal and paper.

In the U.S., the Dallas Morning News, in 2023, voted CMC one of the Top 100 Places to Work for the third year in a row, and The Jacksonville Business Journal named CMC Steel Florida one of the Best Places to Work in 2022.