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Competitive Benefits & Compensation

To increase retention and attract top talent, CMC supports each person’s health, wealth and overall wellbeing, including paying a living wage, at minimum. We have created a customized approach to meet employees’ individual needs, with eligibility for benefits starting on the date of hire.

In the U.S., 100% of full-time employees are eligible for core benefits such as the following:

  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Employee stock purchase program
  • Family and medical leave
  • Annual vacation and paid time off
  • Tuition benefits
  • Affordable health insurance options
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Paid parental leave
  • Lifestyle benefits

In 2023, we expanded dependent eligibility to include domestic partners and common-law spouses in all U.S. states.

In Poland, CMC offers private medical care plans for employees and their families and maintains a social benefit fund for co-financing holidays, summer camps, sports activities and more. Other benefits include financial aid to anyone experiencing serious illness in their families or other unexpected life events, as well as contributions to social security, retirement savings and life insurance plans.

“CMC has done a tremendous job promoting wellness and living a healthy lifestyle within its organization. I recently used the proceeds of the Lifestyle Benefit to hire a health coach. The experience has been  outstanding, and I recently received excellent results for my blood work that prevented the need for requiring potential medication. Thank you for supporting my health journey, CMC.”
– Director, CMC Texas

In addition to our benefits, we provide many optional health and wellness programs to all full-time employees, including the following:

Expanding Lifestyle Benefits and Programs

CMC benefits support employees’ individual needs at all phases of their lives. Team members may use our lifestyle benefit funds on a wide range of health, financial and wellbeing products and services throughout the year, including:

• Fertility treatments and adoptions
• Student debt and loan reimbursement
• Financial advisors and education
• Legal assistance
• Athletic equipment and memberships
• Nutritional supplements
• Personal trainers and fitness trackers
• Annual park passes
• Counseling
• Personal development

Telehealth provides 24/7/365 health care services for common illnesses. Employees have access to a doctor by phone or video chat on the MDLive mobile application and can have prescriptions sent to their preferred pharmacy. We also enhanced MDLive services to include mental health and therapy services at no extra cost.

Employee Assistance Program enables employees to seek assistance for various needs, such as childcare resources, debt management, retirement planning, grief and loss counseling and mental health resources. It also includes on-site employee support for critical instances that can occur such as an employee death or serious illness.

Medicare Transition Service enables employees to consult with an expert to determine which Medicare service best suits their needs. The Medicare Transition Service is available for employees who are nearing retirement themselves (65 years and older) and for family members, including spouses, parents or grandparents, who are living in their household. The service is flexible to employee schedules, offering consultations over the phone so that employees can easily access the service.

We also have a financial wellness website where we feature videos regarding topics that are important to our employees, such as paying off student debt, budgeting and buying a home versus renting.

CMC appreciates that mental wellbeing is a priority. Our Human Resources (HR) Department has offered seminars and resources that can help employees with mental wellbeing just as we have done for physical wellness. Our safety personnel partner with HR to support these initiatives by serving as the “eyes and ears” among our employees and identifying those that may need some assistance or intervention with their mental health.

At our CMC Poland operations, we have offered employees and their families private medical care plans that exceed public healthcare requirements since 2016. As required by Polish law, CMC Poland maintains a social benefit fund dedicated to promoting work-life balance. We distribute this funding to employees for co-financing holidays, summer camps for children, sports activities, cultural events and other wellness activities. The fund also provides financial aid to employees experiencing serious illnesses in their families or other unexpected life events. In addition to these benefits, CMC Poland provides social security, retirement savings and life insurance plans.

Metric Unit 2023 2022 2021
Employee participation in 401(k) plan % 94% 94% 94%
Tuition reimbursement $ $69,942 $81,200 $96,050