Health & Safety

Culture of Safety

Our goal is to provide a safe working environment with zero work-related injuries or illnesses at all our facilities. In 2021, we updated our Occupational Health and Safety Policy to more fully represent our commitment to our workforce and set our priorities and expectations for health and safety at CMC.

The pursuit of our zero incidents goal requires a constant focus on our health and safety programs and performance. CMC’s Proactive Safety Program trains employees to report all incidents, call out potential safety issues and follow the reporting of an unsafe condition or issue through to resolution. We teach employees to recognize potentially unsafe conditions and empower them to work together to remove hazards from their work environments. We review input into the program monthly and strive for an employee participation rate of 90%. We also conduct recurring health and safety drills and site-wide meetings to keep safety front and center in everyone’s minds.

We augment our safety policies and practices with a data-driven approach using our global incident management system. This system also captures near- miss reporting to identify risk trends and correct procedures. By focusing on near misses as if a more serious event had occurred, we learn where the risks exist so we can share findings and avoid potentially catastrophic issues before they happen.

At CMC, safety is our top concern. Our total recordable incident rates are among the lowest in the steel industry.

Our Performance

CMC achieves excellent health and safety performance by supporting a positive culture in reporting all risks and concerns. Our data indicates a high rate of near misses due to the large volume of reporting by our employees, which we identify as a best practice for preventing actual incidents. As a result of our employees’ engagement in our culture of safety, we have excellent incident reporting and a growing trend toward zero incidents. Every month, we celebrate outstanding performance with safety lunches at locations that have achieved milestones. CMC’s total recordable incident rates (TRIR) are consistently below the industry averages for recycling, mill and fabrication sites.

In 2022:

32 CMC U.S. rebar, two placing facilities, and four CRP locations received the CRSI Excellence in Safety Award for achieving zero recordable injuries

8 locations received the CRSI Safety Achievement Award for having an incident rate at least 50% lower than the industry average

CMC 2022 Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by Category1




CMC safety performance is compared to data from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA).

safety first sign

zero incidents

In 2022, 98 of our facilities achieved zero incidents for one or multiple consecutive years.

CMC locations that had no recordable safety incidents in 2022 (multiple years are noted in parentheses).


  • CMC Construction Services Alexandria (11)
  • CMC Rebar Fontana (11)
  • CMC Construction Services Rosenberg (10)
  • CMC Recycling Independence (10)
  • CMC Poland Bydgoszcz (10)
  • CMC Operations Admin (10)
  • CMC Southern Post South Carolina (9)
  • CMC Construction Services Austin (9)
  • CMC Construction Services Tulsa (8)
  • CMC Poland Zyrardow (8)
  • CMC Construction Services Sulphur (8)
  • CMC Poland Rzeszow (8)
  • CMC Construction Services San Antonio (7)
  • CMC Construction Services Dallas Rental (7)
  • CMC Recycling Seguin (7)
  • CMC Construction Services Houston NW (7)
  • CMC Recycling Gainesville (7)
  • CMC Construction Services Texas City (6)
  • CMC Rebar Laredo (6)
  • CMC Construction Services Harlingen (5)
  • CMC Poland Olsztyn (5)
  • CMC Rebar Melissa (5)
  • CMC Poland Zebiec (5)
  • CMC Poland Gdansk (5)
  • CMC Recycling Charlotte (5)
  • CMC Recycling Wellford (5)
  • CMC Poland Swidnica (5)
  • CMC Poland Lublin (5)
  • CMC Recycling Waco (5)
  • CMC Construction Services New Orleans (5)
  • CMC Rebar Denver (5)
  • CMC Construction Services Lubbock (4)
  • CMC Poland Koszalin (4)
  • CMC Rebar Cable (4)
  • CMC Recycling Alexander City (4)
  • CMC Recycling Burlington (4)
  • CMC Rebar Waxahachie (4)
  • CMC Recycling Clute (4)
  • CMC Recycling Midland (3)
  • CMC Rebar Charlotte (3)
  • CMC Rebar Lawrenceville Lakes Pkwy (3)
  • CMC Rebar Muncie (3)
  • CMC Rebar Savannah (3)
  • CMC Rebar St. Louis (3)
  • CMC Rebar Draper Sales Office (3)
  • CMC Recycling Shreveport (3)
  • CMC Rebar Belvidere (3)
  • CMC Recycling Athens (3)
  • CMC Rebar Auburn (3)
  • CMC Rebar York (3)
  • CMC Recycling Lexington (3)
  • CMC Placing San Diego (3)
  • CMC Rebar Oklahoma City (2)
  • CMC Construction Services Dallas (2)
  • CMC Rebar Gastonia (2)
  • CMC Rebar Hawaii (2)
  • CMC Recycling Augusta (2)
  • CMC Recycling North Austin (2)
  • CMC Recycling American (2)
  • CMC Construction Services Baton Rouge (2)
  • CMC Recycling San Antonio (2)
  • CMC Rebar Sayreville (2)
  • CMC Construction Services Houston South (2)
  • CMC Rebar Orlando (2)
  • CMC Construction Services Conroe (2)
  • CMC Rebar Napa (2)
  • CMC Recycling Anderson (2)
  • CMC Rebar San Antonio West (1)
  • CMC Construction Services Pharr (1)
  • CMC Poland Konin (1)
  • CMC Rebar Houston East (1)
  • CMC Rebar Atlanta (1)
  • CMC Poland Katowice (1)
  • CMC Rebar San Diego Sales Office (1)
  • CMC Southern Post Utah (1)
  • CMC Rebar King George (1)
  • CMC Steel California (1)
  • CMC Recycling Spartanburg Hwy 29 (1)
  • CMC Recycling Birmingham (1)
  • CMC Recycling Fort Worth (1)
  • CMC Construction Services El Paso (1)
  • CMC Rebar Nashville (1)
  • CMC Rebar Cincinnati (1)
  • CMC Rebar Las Vegas (1)
  • CMC Rebar Nashville South (1)
  • CMC Rebar San Diego (1)
  • CMC GalvaBar (1)
  • CMC Rebar Houston West (1)
  • CMC Placing Northern California (1)
  • CMC Construction Services College Station (1)
  • CMC Rebar Lawrenceville (1)
  • CMC Rebar Etiwanda (1)
  • CMC Construction Services Round Rock (1)
  • CMC Recycling Baldwin (1)
  • CMC Recycling Springfield (1)
  • CMC Rebar Glendale (1)
  • CMC Rebar Ontario Sales (1)
  • CMC Steel Arizona 2 (1)

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