Environmental Stewardship

Innovating in a Changing Environment

For the benefit of our company, customers, investors and communities, and as a global-scale steel and geotextile products manufacturer, we are committed to maintaining our leadership in reducing our impact on the climate, air quality, water resources and land. This commitment demands that we look beyond industry environmental and regulatory compliance and move toward genuine innovation.

Rapid changes in expectations from our stakeholders relating to reducing the environmental impact from our operations require a heightened and sustained focus on our sustainable business practices. CMC continues to invest in innovative processes and technologies that minimize our environmental footprint and reduce our use of natural resources, while maximizing operational performance. This focus helps reduce our business risks and build trust with our customers.

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The GHG emissions avoidance in CMC produced steel vs. the industry average equates to powering 1.8M homes for a full year using renewable electricity.

Our Approach

Our commitment to innovate and improve keeps us at the forefront of energy and resource efficiency.

We implement new operating technologies and approaches to improve resource utilization and reduce waste generation. We actively address our climate footprint by reducing our energy intensity and diversifying our power supplies. We ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations across jurisdictions.

Evaluating Our Performance

CMC is a leader in environmental performance within the steel sector. Our facilities use data analytics to collect, track and monitor our energy usage, GHG emissions and water withdrawal, among other metrics. We benchmark our facilities against one another every month during our Melt Shop and Rolling Mill Operations Excellence meetings. Our Melt Shop and Rolling Mill Operations Support experts are in regular contact with each of our mills and visit periodically to help on specific projects or observe and participate in optimizing operations.

CMC also benchmarks performance externally with other steelmakers to identify opportunities to improve and learn about new technologies. Our membership and participation in trade associations like the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) make it possible to benchmark our operations externally, keep up to date in the latest steelmaking technologies and stay in contact with our suppliers and contractors. We actively participate in several AIST Technical Committees including Electric Steelmaking, Long Products, Environmental, Digitalization Applications and Safety and Health. CMC employees and executive leadership have also served as committee officers and members of the AIST Board of Directors over the past several decades. Based on external benchmarking data, we believe our EAFs are among the most efficient in the world.

To view a complete table of our ESG metrics, see our Data Tables.


Decrease Our Energy Consumption Intensity by 5%

Energy Intensity (GJ/MT)




Increase Our Renewable Energy Usage by 12 Percentage Points

Percent Renewable Energy Usage (%)




Decrease Our Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions Intensity by 20%

Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions Intensity (MT CO2e/MT)




Decrease Our Water Withdrawal Intensity by 8%

Water Withdrawal Intensity (m3 / MT )




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