Our high expectations for integrity, accountability and ethical behavior in our everyday conduct set the foundations for our ongoing success. Our corporate governance is positioned to enable a culture of constant innovation, investment and dedication toward improving our customer offerings. As a company whose business model is rooted in sustainability principles, our business strategy is aligned with effectively managing our most relevant ESG issues. Our belief that good business strategy and good ESG practices are the same extends to our partners across our value chain.

Looking Ahead

ESG issues relating to our business evolve quickly. Moving forward, we will continue to refine and expand our governance initiatives to address changes and opportunities and to meet the needs of our stakeholders. An important consideration for CMC remains an appropriate response to both the physical and transitional risks from climate change. Going forward, our Risk Committee and Sustainability Leadership Council will play central roles in addressing this effort.

As our markets evolve and our physical footprint changes due to our expanding business, we are also considering new measures for engaging with our supply chain, including expanded and more regular reviews of supplier practices to address risks such as climate change and human rights.

governance compass

How we conduct ourselves and how we do business starts with our core values that serve as a compass for our decisions, actions and behaviors. They form a code that transcends the boundaries of culture and geography to direct us in how to respond to issues of basic human rights.

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