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Sustainable From the Start

Managing ESG at CMC

Successful companies increasingly understand that sound corporate governance of both financial and non-financial factors—such as environmental and social issues—benefit their balance sheets and bottom lines. In other words, ESG issues are business issues, and vice versa. CMC is no exception.

We integrate our ESG and business strategies together as part of our aim to be the first choice for stakeholders, suppliers and contractors. Since our first day in operation, we have valued product stewardship and sustainability. We pay close attention to our impact on the world around us, and we look for new ways to strengthen our business while investing in innovations that yield greater efficiencies and environmental benefits.

Some of the important links between our business drivers and our ESG priorities include:

  • Innovation, resulting in more efficient energy use, automation and new product offerings
  • Investment, focusing on energy technologies, process improvements and training for our people
  • Resource efficiency, reducing our costs by implementing circular economy principles, maximizing recycling and focusing on energy efficiency
  • Managing risks across our enterprise, including many that directly relate to ESG, such as employee safety, compliance, supply chain governance and climate risks

Our robust recycling strategy, for instance, extends the useful lifecycle of metals by continuously circulating materials throughout the market and keeping them out of landfills. Our GHG emissions currently fall well below the iron and steel sector targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement. We have also established a plan to further reduce our energy consumption, GHG emissions and water withdrawal intensities by 2030, while increasing our use of renewable energy. These targeted reductions will keep us on track to remain one of the world’s most energy efficient and green steel manufacturers, while also reducing our costs and mitigating our business risks.

Big Results in a Smaller Footprint

Micro Mills for Macro Benefits

Micro Mills as Compared to Mini Mills


Less Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions


Less total
Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions


Less natural
gas usage


Less overall
energy usage

Based on 2022 CMC mini and micro mill data

Our Sustainability Strategy

for our

respect our environment

At CMC, good business always aligns with good environmental practices.

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Product Stewardship
  • Reducing and managing our environmental footprint

Acting With

acting with integrity

We recognize the value of relationships and put people at the center of our business.

  • Health & Safety
  • Talent Management
  • Community Engagement

For Our Actions

accountability for our actions

Honesty and transparency are the best approaches to long-term sustainability.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Sustainable Supply Chain

How We Manage ESG at CMC

ESG is integral to our business strategy and culture. We continue to embed ESG management requirements into our management and governance structure. Our ESG accountabilities start at our Board and cascade down through the organization.

CMC Board of Directors

  • Holds ultimate responsibility for identifying and proactively addressing ESG risks and opportunities.
  • Develops sustainability strategy

Risk Committee

  • Made up of the Executive Leadership Team, and ESG issues are discussed at least monthly during scheduled meetings

Executive Leadership Team

  • Reviews and addresses material issues, including those affecting our ESG performance.

Vice President, Sustainability & Government Affairs

  • Executes sustainability strategy
  • Directs the Sustainability Leadership Council
  • Oversees government relations and trade work
  • Leads sustainability reporting and environmental team

Sustainability Leadership Council (SLC)

  • Formed in 2020, specifically identifies risks and opportunities related to climate change
  • Keeps managers and employees updated on sustainability initiatives and best practices
  • Investigates new ESG opportunities and technologies with the potential to improve our performance
  • Meets quarterly to review key performance indicators and analyze ESG performance

Sustainability Manager

  • Hired in 2022, reports to VP of Sustainability and Government Affairs
  • Supports and manages development and achievement of our ESG Goals and key performance indicators
  • Works with department heads and operating business units in implementing the enterprise sustainability program
  • Manages sustainability data collection processes and analysis
  • Develops and supports internal and external disclosures and communications