Diversity & Inclusion

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a strength at CMC, and we strive to foster a diverse and inclusive culture based on merit. This philosophy is reflected in our company policies, programs and training. Our approach motivates our workforce and makes us a smarter, stronger and more capable company.

Building a workforce with diverse perspectives, talents and experiences starts with inclusion. We endeavor to make all team members feel like they belong—that they are part of the conversation and that their voices matter.

Our employee handbook and Code of Conduct and Business Ethics further underscore our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We continue to explore strategies to access a wider, more diverse range of candidates for talent recruitment. We post job ads in multiple languages in local markets to better attract diverse talent, and we’ve increased our visibility as an employer for women. We also engage with several military and veteran outreach and transition assistance programs across the U.S.

At all levels of the organization, we’re taking a more deliberate approach to incorporating DEI into employee education and development. This starts with our recruitment. In 2023, our career fairs included 25 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI). In our Core program, we conducted DEI training focused on belonging, which included topics such as stereotypes, bias, empathy and collaborating in diverse groups.

2023 Employee Diversity

2023 Employee Diversity
2023 Employee Diversity
Male 87%
Female 13%
Caucasian 59%
African American 10%
Hispanic 25%
Other 6%
Under 30 years old 15%
30–50 years old 52%
Over 50 years old 33%

Helping Veterans Find Work

After years of military service, many veterans struggle to find work. The veteran talent market is an often untapped resource, full of qualified individuals looking to apply a wide range of skills.

To better engage veterans, CMC created a veteran hiring tool in early 2023. The tool uses specific job descriptions from the military to help veteran job seekers find and apply to roles for which they’re
qualified. When looking for a job, a veteran enters an MLS code and receives a list of relevant openings. To date, we’ve extended job offers to several veterans who used the tool.

In addition to this tool, CMC team members can volunteer with American Corporate Partners, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping military veterans and their spouses transition to the private sector through one-on-one mentoring with business leaders. To date, 60 CMC employees have participated in this program, and there is currently a waiting list of additional volunteers.