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Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

At CMC, we believe that diversity is a strength, and we strive to foster an inclusive culture based on merit. With employees from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences brought together in an environment that encourages everyone to make contributions, we are a smarter, stronger and more capable company.

Building a workforce with diverse perspectives, talents and experiences starts with inclusion. At CMC, we endeavor to make all employees feel like they belong—that they are part of the conversation and that their voices matter.

Our employee handbook and Code of Conduct further underscore our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The senior leadership team also participates in diversity, equity and inclusion training to increase awareness of important issues. Our supervisors and team managers at CMC must complete Essentials of Management training, which covers diversity issues such as unconscious bias, inclusivity and micro-aggressions.

CMC continues to explore strategies to access a wider, more diverse range of candidates for talent recruitment. We post job ads in multiple languages in local markets to better attract diverse talent. To increase our visibility as an employer for women, we partner with organizations such as the Association of Women in Metals Industry Group and the Jefferson State Community College’s Hard Hats and High Heels program in Birmingham, Alabama. We also engage with several military and veteran outreach and transition assistance programs across the country, including Military Connection, the LinkedIn for Veterans Program and

To see all of our diversity breakdowns view our ESG Performance Tables.

2022 Employee Diversity

2022 Employee Diversity
2022 Employee Diversity
Male 88%
Female 12%
Caucasian 59%
African American 10%
Hispanic 25%
Other 6%
Under 30 years old 15%
30–50 years old 52%
Over 50 years old 33%

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