As a global recycler and steel, steel products and geotextile products manufacturer, we are committed to maintaining our leadership position in reducing our impact on the natural world around us. This longstanding commitment demands that we look beyond our industry’s environmental and regulatory compliance and move toward genuine innovation.

Looking Ahead

We’ve made considerable progress toward our goals of reducing emissions and resource use. As we look ahead, our heritage compels us toward continuous improvement and innovation.

One example: We are investigating existing and developing technologies that we can integrate into our operations to reduce fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions. In our melt shops’ combustion systems, for instance, we are investigating hydrogen as a partial or full replacement for natural gas. We are also exploring ways to electrify some of the heating processes that currently use natural gas. For our mini mills with reheat furnaces, we’re investigating the viability of electric induction furnaces, which could reduce the amount of natural gas consumed along with any resulting GHG emissions.

Achieving this progress requires thorough reporting and setting clear targets. Several of our facilities have made significant improvements in adopting best practices, and we are working at other facilities to do the same.

Using technology to improve electricity use efficiency is another example of always striving to improve. We are studying innovative tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology to improve even more processes—with energy savings and productivity gains as added benefits.

In line with our legacy of continuous improvement, moving forward, we are committed to investing in new technology, improving our products and educating our employees, contractors and customers about the benefits of our products and services.

environmental graph

In our efforts to help combat climate change, we continuously evaluate and improve our operations to ensure that our environmental innovations and performance remain among the industry’s best. Our business thrives when we avoid risks and identify opportunities.