At CMC, our success depends on our ability to employ outstanding talent and build relationships with our workforce and the communities within which we work and live. Central to this effort is a steadfast commitment to the physical and mental health, safety and wellbeing of our employees. Employee safety is the critical path to productivity. We continually invest in our employees and our relationships to ensure their safety and wellbeing, improve productivity, continue our legacy of innovation and build upon our company reputation.

Looking Ahead

In our ongoing efforts to be both the employer of choice and a force for positive change, CMC will continue refining our vision for the future to create a roadmap aimed at addressing the needs of our employees.

Specifically, we have identified three key focus areas for 2023. The first is continued efforts on diversity, equality and inclusion. We are committed to making sure people feel welcome, accepted and appreciated at CMC. We are also consciously striving to maintain an inclusive culture based on merit, and where a richness of experiences and perspectives drive innovation.

The second is our employees’ overall wellbeing. We recognize that physical health and safety are critical, but a person’s mental health is also key and focusing on the balance of all these elements will support our employees’ overall wellbeing, both at work and at home.

The third area is continuing to build and strengthen our talent pipeline. Leaders are working on succession plan strategies for one to 10 years out with an emphasis on developing talent internally for long term success.

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CMC’s culture of collaboration and community means every contribution, idea and viewpoint is valued because we know this spirit of inclusion leads to excellence and innovation, and it makes us a better, stronger company.

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